Alison Dyer

IFS Practitioner/Empower Org CEO

Alison has been a client with Angelie for the past four years. It was while working with her trying to rehab her hip that she first realized how disconnected she was to her own body, particularly in her pelvic area. It can be a hard and painful process to come back and live in your body, but she remembers the first time she felt like she fully inhabited her own body.  It was an incredible experience and worth all the hard work. She has since become an apprentice instructor in the Gyrotonic method of movement. She is a person who has been abused and has spent a lot of years learning how to live with the damaged parts of herself in a healthy way. She understands how the experience of abuse cuts to the very core of you not only mentally and emotionally but it can also cause you to feel like your own body isn’t yours anymore. Your body is no longer a place of safety. It’s not home. She wants Empower for Hope to be a place that allows a space for women to come and be and learn how to come home again in their own bodies. It’s a journey she has walked and continues to walk. She has been able to come home. It’s Alison's passion to be able to walk beside other women who have been abused and to be a voice of understanding and hope.

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