Chantelle Ovnicek


On a journey to conquer all things that I am passionate about. With the support of my husband and 3 beautiful children I am a sole business owner by day working as an esthetician. I first met Angelie in 2012 when I discovered TEAM Pilates️! I immediately fell in love as my body started to adapt and change for the better. I realize Pilates is a necessity in my life and can’t wait to share what I have experienced with everyone.

Chantelle Ovnicek instructs the following:


The springboard is a mounted wall unit with springs of different resistance for a challenging all over body workout.

"CIRCUS" class= BODHI+Barre+Pilates Apparatus

This "Circus" is a fabulously FUN adventure of movement! It includes a combination of BODHI suspension system, Barre Reformer, Chair and Springboard.

Reformer/Mat Fundamentals

This beginner class will give you an idea of what the Reformer and Mat series has to offer. Mixing two wonderful components of Pilates work together for a deeper understanding of how the mat work accentuates the apparatus and vice versa.

Reformer Fundamentals

This Reformer class for BEGINNERS will teach you the fundamentals of this wonderful piece of Pilates Apparatus. Learn the spring settings, breathing and fundamental principles behind this spring/rope Reformer system.


This large apparatus class will be different every week!

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