Geneva Kelley

Pilates Instructor

My Pilates journey began several years ago. I met Angelie when our boys started playing youth basketball together. Through our friendship I learned first hand how pilates helps athletes with injury prevention and rehabilitation. Over time, I learned that it could help a tired mom of 4 too! I have worked behind a desk for the past 13 years – answering phones and working on a computer. I have experienced painful back, neck and shoulder issues that pilates is helping me overcome! I am so excited to share all that I have learned. I am a work in progress…..join me on my journey and lets find our best selves together!

Geneva Kelley instructs the following:

Groovin with the Oov

Reformer Fundamentals

This Reformer class for BEGINNERS will teach you the fundamentals of this wonderful piece of Pilates Apparatus. Learn the spring settings, breathing and fundamental principles behind this spring/rope Reformer system.


This large apparatus class will be different every week!

Intro To Pilates Workshop with Gen

Join Gen for 7 weeks during her summer break! You will come away confident with the knowledge you will gain during the workshop on what each piece of equipment is, how to use it properly, and execute each exercise with ease.


This class uses the resistance/assistance of the spring system to challenge your core.

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