Zane Melzer


I am so excited to be a part of TEAM Pilates®️. I am a former college football player who due to injury had to cut my football career short. Pilates drew me in because of its wonderful healing power! I love family and am big on helping one another. I’m Becoming a Pilates Instructor to help heal myself and others.

Zane Melzer instructs the following:

Restorative Mat

1 hour of rejuvenating Pilates mat work. Leave class feeling relaxed and refreshed!

Orbit-Mobil Mat

This revolutionary class uses the Orbit to create a system of movement that

adds core power and strength, combining seated and standing exercises with rotational

movement. Challenge your obliques and engage your core as you literally

“Go for a Ride” in this class!

Bodhi Suspension

Come hang with us in the only 4 point suspension system! Think TRX on steroids as you suspend in 4 ropes and challenge your core strength, balance and coordination!


Fun, Firming and 1 step closer to a Fabulous you! Melt away the calories with Body Barre! It is our exclusive Pilates and Cardio based fitness program which will transform your body in just 30 sessions. This 60-minute routine designed to target your problem areas like the buttocks, waistline, and upper arms will get results fast. Amp up your fitness and add Body Barre to your Team Pilates Studio experience today! Based on Boston Body Barre created by Zayne Gold, and taught by professional Ballet Dancer, Angelie Melzer, you are sure to notice that this version of Barre class is one of the safest and most effective in the industry today. Backed by Balanced Body, the leading name in the Pilates Industry for both equipment and education, you can rest easy and burn those calories in a safe and fun environment!

Reformer Fundamentals

This Reformer class for BEGINNERS will teach you the fundamentals of this wonderful piece of Pilates Apparatus. Learn the spring settings, breathing and fundamental principles behind this spring/rope Reformer system.

Full Body Bodhi Suspension

The world’s first four-point suspension exercise system for fitness!

Unlike any other rope suspension system, Bodhi has two independent ropes and four suspension points. And each suspension point gives you a lot more exercises – with varying degrees of difficulty!

Bodhi Barre

Suspend while tightening all of the muscles you didn’t realize you had! Barre class is designed to key into the glutes, thighs, legs and arms while Bodhi adds the intense core component from the 4 point suspension system. Hang in’ll love the results!!

Cardio Jumpboard (Reformer)

This CARDIO class on the Reformer Jumpboard, will burn in all the right places and get your heart “throbbing” with excitement!


Reformer is the MOST POPULAR type of PIlates apparatus. With it's continual pull from both ropes and springs, then adding in resistance from your own body weight, this is sure to be a FULL BODY, INTENSE WORKOUT!

Intro To Pilates Workshop with Gen

Join Gen for 7 weeks during her summer break! You will come away confident with the knowledge you will gain during the workshop on what each piece of equipment is, how to use it properly, and execute each exercise with ease.

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